Project Summary

  • Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
  • Director: Michaela Gote
  • Co-Director: Philipp Klinger
  • My task: Producer
  • Animation Technique: 2D Animation
  • Completion: March 2016


Lilith is young and shy girl. She lives in a world where everything is defined by color. Color is holy in this world and all the people has there own color. Once in the year they celebrate the festival of color to pay homage to Sol, the god of color. This day reminds Lilith that she is different - she is black. Constantly she tries to solve the failure. After a lot of disappointments she realize here biggest mistake - color have been all the time a part of her.


Main Crew

  • Music: Andreas Pfeiffer
  • Sound Designer/ Mixing: Laura Beuthner
  • Art Direction: Michaela Gote
  • Lead Animator: Michaela Gote