Project Summary

  • Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
  • Director: Hanna Fischer
  • Animation Director: Sofiia Melnyk, Nina Prange
  • My task: Producer
  • Animation Technique: 2D Animation
  • Completion: September 2015
  • Link:TrailerTrailer


is a partly animated feature portraying Eastern European migrant workers that are subject to labor exploitation, unemployment, and homelessness.?


Several cases of labor exploitation concerning migrant workers from Eastern European countries are publicly known. The film portrays the life of three migrant workers: A construction worker from Bulgaria who lives on the streets of Frankfurt collecting bottles for a living. A woman from Rumania who shares a hotel room with her daughters. Everyday she goes out to find work. And there is a retiree from Bulgaria who drives a truck and has been on the road for four months to support his family back home. Their daily lives are determined by bleak monotony and social isolation and yet they have not abandoned their hope for a better life


Main Crew

  • Music: Leonard Küßner
  • Sound Designer/ Mixing: Claudio Demel
  • Edit: Frank Walter
  • DOP: Benjamin Manderbach
  • Animation: Sofiia Melnyk, Nina Prange, Alice Reily de Souza